This blog is a brainstorming site for Amelia Bryne & Minna Aslama, for their project Digital Living! that examines digital media, participation and everyday life in 3 countries.

Participation can be understood as a state of being, as well as an act indicating that one is a part of a large whole.[1] This project aims at examining existing claims and uncovering less-researched areas about digital media[2] in people’s everyday lives in different geographic and demographic contexts, through micro-level, descriptive and inductive ethnographic analyses. We will study how people experience the idea of participation and different communities they affiliate themselves with (whether virtual, and/or imagined, or in their immediate physical surroundings).

The result will be a monograph, several journal articles, an online resource, and an anthropological documentary.

The preproduction of the project has partly been supported by Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, since much material to be used in connection to this project has been gathered in relation to a book project they’ve generously funded. See the edited volume Communication Research in Action, out in Nov 2010; the themes of the other upcoming book laid out in Minna’s earlier blog.

[1] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/participation (accessed 1 June 2010).

[2] Digital media is here broadly understood as any media platform providing content in digital format, will thus include digital TV and radio, and so on. However, it could be for instance assumed that new, digital versions of old media (e.g. print)  will evoke discussion and interesting observations about the experiences of participation in different formats. The research will document any mediated (and non-mediated) participation and thus explore such possible transitions in participation.

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