[Disclaimer: Last year of digital living went by in blur, teaching 4 courses = 160+ students, and, well, getting married. In the works: the book. Catching up begins now.]

I’ve dreamed about this for some years: That in the ever mediatizing and globalizing world, we could study how global we truly are. The original aim of this project was just that, in a micro level. But it is paramount that we understand structural conditions, including market, and policies, and patterns of consumption — let alone important value-laden questions about investigative journalism, the future of public media, and media activism, for instance.

The Open Society Foundations have just done the latter. They have engaged scholars and practitioners from all around the world — some 55 in total, including countries such as Italy, Moldova, South Africa, Thailand, the U.S., and many many more — and commissioned country-specific reports to inform academia, activism, decision-making, and “anyone trying to make sense of the current changes” across different media landscapes. The reports have been and are still being published; you can find them here.  Some take-aways about the U.S. and Western Europe to be found here soon!