I have the honour to lecture at Fordham’s annual President’s Spring Review (Dealy 201)

I take my cue from this World Bank blog entry: Communication and Media studies, formerly considered as a messy discipline without a grand theory, work now in our extensively mediatized world. And the study of our brave new world needs interdisciplinarity; changes and issues are so complex.

Think about the road of FB to this point, depicted in this video (thanks go to Emily Arata, one of my students, who made me aware of the clip):

Think about the media diet (depicted in many places in this blog: My students as well as my research subjects went on diet, as did, it turns out, college students in 10 countries, blog page here).

But back to the future. Think about also how much legends such as Artistotle, or the “Medium is the Message” visionary McLuhan (who taught at Fordham), or Fordham’s Professor Parker have done, and how their legacy still matters. Professor Parker’s tribute video: