One of the key aims of the Digital Living project is to combine micro and macro. Mini Portraits feature interesting similarities and differences of how people relate to their digital life. However, both Amelia and I have also worked on (infra)structural issues such as broadband. I’m in the process of coauthoring with Prof. Hannu Nieminen a paper on the (in)famous Finnish case:

In 2009, Finland made history by becoming the world’s first country to create laws guaranteeing broadband access. The Finnish Government had already decided to make a 100 Mb broadband connection a legal right by the end of 2015. Then, in October 2009, the Government announced that Finland will be the first country in the world to decree the broadband Internet connection as a Universal Service Obligation (USO): Starting as at July 2010, every person in Finland has had the right to a one-megabit broadband connection.

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I will present our outlook (including an indepth interview with 2 key policy-makers) in a wonderful international expert workshop in New York in May, called ‘Digital Diversity: Serving the Public Interest in the  Age of Broadband’.

I love the pragmatist Finnish honesty:

In a small country of horrible [geographical] conditions we need to turn the reality and necessity into a virtue a bit faster than others.

-Maaret Suomi, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland, on the ‘Broadband for Everyone’ programme