Dear New York Pilot Research Collaborators:

Welcome! This is one of your two ‘assignments’.

Please post your assignment reflection — and comments to others’ reflections, if you so wish. Amelia and I might also comment and ask something related to your post. Check for those during the research period. In case there are additional comments to you, it would be great to if you have time to briefly respond.

[Image: Science Fiction Museum Restroom, Flickr, under Creative Commons license]

This assignment is simply about your thoughts about your Digital Living in 2021. The way we communicate, and use communication technologies, has changed dramatically very quickly. How will your day unfold ten years from now, in terms of digital media and communication? What do you think are the most important innovations, how do you think your work and personal lives are affected? And more broadly, how do you think our societies —  in terms of politics and political participation, business, art, education, and last but not least, of interpersonal relationships — have developed and changed by then? Let your imagination guide you — all kinds of visions, specific and broad, serious and playful, are important and interesting!