Many of us have experiences about more or less voluntary or involuntary ‘media diet’ or ‘media fast’ in special circumstances: Courses, vacations… There were numerous great stories in response to Amelia’s blog entry on Digital Time.

Recently, the NYT posed the Unplugged Challenge:  It asked some readers, ‘ordinary people’, to experiment on being offline. Here are their stories. This seems to be almost a trend: There are numerous bloggers (!), such as this one, who advocate a media diet and let the world know about their efforts. Also, several academic research projects are currently addressing the question, like this and this one (thank you, David).

But what if we tried a media fast on an ordinary day — no cell phones, computers, no games, no movies (or even those old-fashioned TV, radio, and news papers)? Or even a diet for half-a-day? How about that for each of us as an experiment in autoethnography?

Fordham students: blog about your experiences by Fri 10/1. Describe and analyse — think of reasons and possible consequences regarding your experiences in terms of communication. Read some comments on Amelis’s Digital Time post, for your inspiration!