Blogging and  learning, part 2. Can’t leave this forum alone (see the previous entry of the same theme). I’m currently teaching a course on media industries in which the students will write several so called position papers, i.e., argue for or against a certain statement, stand, or slogan, with logic and some evidence.

Since I firmly believe in the importance of us as scholars being able to operate in different forums I decided to offer the students an opportunity/option to blog about their experiences, thoughts and informed opinions — to act as public intellectuals — if they wish to use this forum to do so. (If they so choose, they can also write a short ‘conventional’ position paper instead.)

The students of the Intro to Media Industries @Fordham have a tough question to answer by 9/17:

To rephrase the Internet guru Jonathan Zittrain‘s argument (as presented in his 2008 book The Future of the Internet, here’s a short video illustrating his thinking):

It could be said that many commercially, globally highly successful technological innovations (IPods, Xboxes, MSOffice…) may make our lives easy in that they become almost global standards, or at least preferred tools and gadgets among many of our peers. But the same time, they do shape — and thus limit — the way we use the Internet and communicate.

Do you think it is so– or not? Why? Give examples of your own media use!